RFID Biosensors for Real-Time Monitoring of DNA Manipulations

  • F Jefferson
  • C Askew
  • E C Jones
Keywords: molecular biology, transcription, translation, diseases, bacteria, viruses, RFID


The purpose of this paper is to provide information about transcription and translation and how it affects diseases, bacteria, and viruses. Transcription and translation are the methods in which cells express or affirm the genetic order in genes. Several identical protein molecules can be synthesized by each RNA molecule and the same gene can copy many identical RNA molecules. Thus, a large amount of protein can be synthesized by cells rapidly and efficiently. When done effectively, each individual gene can be transcribed and translated distinctly. This will allow the cell to create a vast amount of proteins. Sometimes errors can occur during the processes of translation and transcription, leading to different types of diseases, bacteria, and viruses. This paper will first break down the process of transcription, translation, and then go into how it affects diseases, bacteria, and viruses.