Blockchain Securities to Construct Inclusive, Digital Economy Globally

  • Mahadi Hasan Miraz
  • Mahbubul Hye
  • Md. Khaled Ali. M. Alkurtehe
  • Mokhtar Ab-dulhakim Alsabahi
  • Md. Mahbub Alam
  • Md. Kashedul Wahab
  • Mamun Habib
Keywords: Global trade, blockchain, distributed ledger, Bitcoin, tools, global collaboration


Purpose- This article aims to identify values in the blockchain, distributed ledger, and cryptocurrency for national and international trade. This paper analyses and describes blockchain technology and its operation in various systems and values in commercial transactions. Besides, this article mainly provides an advanced explanation of this innovation that can access differently from different fields.

Design- In this study, we demonstrate the conceptual framework in G20 countries and Internation trade.
Implications-The descriptive diagrams of existing blocks indicating security delivered and real transactions. Also, it suppresses the description of the standard secretariats of key chains in the Single Commercial Law by "undocumented values" to improve the positioning of block-chain chains.

Findings-Blockchain Technologies has the key to building a comprehensive global digital economy that is safe, audited, and accountable to residents around the world. Besides, blockchain shows the role in the financial and industrial chain. The limitation-the system needs to rebuild confidence and trust in new financial co-operation.