Investigating Walk Pressure Pattern Monitoring on Supply Chain Product-Related Injuries


RFID, which is Radio frequency identification, saw its first commercial application at toll roads and animal tracking, since then there has been a huge expansion in its applications; it is now being used to access buildings, inventory management, logistics application, supply chain management and also in health care sector. RFID has shown its presence in health sector primarily for patient tracking, pharmaceutical tracking, surgical tools tracking, tracking of X-Ray vest and to prevent counterfeiting of medicines. Though a lot of research has been done in health care sector, we still believe a lot more can be done. In this paper, we put forward an innovative application of RFID in emergency medical services which involves embedding the RFID pressure sensor tags on the floor of houses. Whenever a person walks , he exerts some amount of pressure of the floor and the pressure is even more when a person is walks. The host computer observes the pattern of pressure exerted by person walking or standing, however, when a person falls on the ground/floor there is sudden change in the pressure exertion pattern. This sudden change in pressure pattern is read by the reader in the room and it communicates to the host computer, which in turn communicates to the nearest hospital and ambulance, so that the required care and treatment can be administered to the patient with in the stipulated time of fall and RFID is one of the best solutions currently available in this aspect.

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