Fisheries sector of Bangladesh: Comparisons, Challenges and Prospects

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Erick Jones
Syed Abu Ishmam Muztaba Billah
N.M.B. Billah


As one of the largest fish producer in the
world, Fisheries of Bangladesh plays a substantial
role in the rural life and economic growth of
Bangladesh. Approximately 11% of total
population of Bangladesh earn their bread and
butter from fisheries sector. Revenue of $535
million is being earned from exporting various
fishery products. However, Bangladesh is not
always getting adequate progress in comparison to
other nearby countries. Natural disasters, global
warming, lack of training and financial support is
interrupting the proper growth of fisheries sector.
Government is making an attempt to improve this
sector through introducing new generation of
technology and training. Thus, Fisheries sector is
enhancing over the time.

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